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Customer Videos

Customer Videos

(※ If you would like to visit the Yuminashi Youtube Channel, click this link.)

● On this page we give Yuminashi tuners around the world the chance to showcase their Yuminashi build, and their progress...

If you have made a Yuminashi video and you would like to share your tuning project with the Yuminashi tuning community, then please contact us at to send us the link to your video with some information so that we can introduce it over here!...

● CT125 (143CC & 164CC):

usa-flag-small.png  Yuminashi CT125 tuning in the U.S. from the 69MPH channel (Jul 25, 2022).

Part 1: Honda trail CT125 running Yuminashi 143CC BBK on E85 with stand alone Aracer Ecu (Jul 25, 2022)

Part 2: Honda trail CT125 143CC Florida ride and top speed pulls (Aug 8, 2022)

Part 3: Honda CT125 TRAIL 125 / 164CC YUMINASHI BBK first start (Aug 25, 2022)

● ADV150:

usa-flag-small.png  Yuminashi ADV150 tuning in the U.S. (November, 2021)

Part 1: ADV150 Yuminashi Variator Install Tutorial from the Moto Hound channel about how to install the Yuminashi variator on the ADV150. (Nov 13, 2021)

Part 2: Back-to-back compare, installed ADV150 Yuminashi CNC variator VS stock Honda variator. (Nov 11, 2021)

Part 3: ADV 150 New Top End Speed - Yuminashi Variator (Nov 13, 2021)

Part 4: Honda ADV 150 - Top End Cruising and Hill Climbing Clips / Yuminashi ADV150 variator installed (Nov 19, 2021)

● PCX150/ADV150:

philippines-flag-small.png  YUMINASHI ADV150 Tuning in the PHILIPPINES from the Lex Speed channel (April, 2021)



vietnam-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in Vietnam

CLICK125i eSP tuned in Vietnam by Mr. Bách Phạm Thiện with a Yuminashi Esstential 164cc Light Bore Kit installed (February 10, 2017)



thailand-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in Wang Noi, Thailand

PCX125 First generation owned by Mr. Reggy Bodden from Belgium with a early version of the Yuminashi 164 Light Bore Ultra Power Pack installed (December 6, 2012). 

holland-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in the Netherlands (Geldrop area).

PCX125 First Generation (JF28) owned by Mr. Roman Zwetsloot (RZ Racing) in the Netherlands with a early version of the Yuminashi Light Bore SPL-Power Pack installed (June 6, 2013)

holland-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in the Netherlands (Geldrop area).

PCX125 First Generation (JF28) tuned by Mr. Roman Zwetsloot (RZ Racing) in the Netherlands for Mr. Max Tremo in Italy with the 190cc kit installed in combination with the Yuminashi LS1 long stroke crankshaft (October 24, 2013)

italy-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in Italy.

PCX125 First Generation (JF28) owned by Mr. Max Tremo from Italy with the Yuminashi 31mm throttle body installed on the 175cc big bore kit with the Yuminashi 15/45 Gear sprockets (link). (January 18, 2014)

portugal-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in Portugal

PCX125 First Generation (JF28) owned by Mr. Sergio Vasconcelos from Portugal with a full Yuminashi 164cc Light Bore Ultra-Power Pack installed (link) in combination with a wideband O2 sensor. Top Speed 150 Km/h (September 24, 2017).


● PXC125 V2 (eSP):

france-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in Le Luc, France

Full stock PCX125 V2 (eSP), tuned by Mr. Eric Dafflon with a Yuminashi Speed Booster variator. (March 14, 2013)



thailand-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in Pattaya, Thailand

100% Full stock PCX150 LED owned by Mr. Martin Hofstede from Holland with the Yuminashi Torque Control Variator installed (September 5, 2015).

brazil-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in São Paulo, Brazil

Yuminashi PGM-FI tuning by Bayer's Garage in São Paulo, Brazil (Link to Bayer's Garage on Facebook). (October 27, 2017)


● MSX125 / GROM / MSX125 SF / GROM125 SF:

thailand-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in Wang Noi, Thailand

Yuminashi was the first company in the world who produced a 150cc, 160cc and 180cc kit for MSX/GROM125.
This video was made while doing many of the tests with the 180cc kit, which proved that the stock connecting rod couldn't hold the power from the kit, so Yuminashi never released this kit to the market because of reliability issues. (August 10, 2013)


holland-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in the Netherlands (Geldrop area).

100% Full stock 2013 MSX125 owned by Mr. Roman Zwetsloot (RZ Racing) with the Yuminashi first generation 4th gear short overdrive installed (August 30, 2013)

usa-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in the USA

GROM125 Owned by Mr. Chris with a turbo installed on the Yuminashi 150cc Ultimate kit (May 24, 2014)


german-flag-small.png  Yuminashi tuning in Germany (Rijnland-Palts area)

2013 MSX125 owned by Mr. Travis Butler from the USA with the Yuminashi 160cc light bore kit installed. (May 17, 2014)