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RAIDER R150 / FXR150 (2003 - 2014)


First generation (2003–2005)

The First Generation Suzuki Raider 150 was assembled in Thailand (2003–2005). It has the same engine and technical data of FX150 from Malaysia. They redesigned the chassis and made it on an underbone category and also changed the carb to 26 mm, originally 29 mm carburetor size. The Raider was launched in 2004 in the Philippines marketed as the "Blaze NSR 150, Typhoon 150, and LuckyStar LSR150".[citation needed]

Second Generation (2006–2009)

The second generation Suzuki Raider 150 was released in November 2006, with a electric starter, also released in Thailand in 2006

New Breed (2009–2014)

In 2009 the Suzuki Raider 150R got a slight makeover in its design. The headlight was changed inspired by that of the GSX-R superbikes.The Raider 150 was released in 2009 for the Malaysian market as the Suzuki Belang R150. The Raider 150 in Vietnam was released in 2013.

The Indonesian variant is called "Satria FU150".
Also since a few years ago, some secondary technical upgrade has been made (for example, an electric starter and riding mode).

The new model in the Philippines is fuel injected and water cooled with 13.6 kW (18.2 hp) @ 10,000 rpm (claimed) and 13.75 N⋅m (10.14 lb⋅ft) @ 8,500 rpm (claimed).



1. The piston has a stock diameter of 62mm, if you bore it out to 66-70 mm you have to change the sleeve of your cylinder block since the stock sleeve is only a thin steel plate surrounded by aluminum for cooling.

2. Using Racing cams give a real powerful result, but a lot of the result will depend on the mechanic if he really knows how to tune it to the right timing. (For drag racers it's recommend to change the camshafts, but if doen not correctly you can have valve and head damage).

3. OKO 28mm carburetor for 66mm piston is applicable, and OKO 30mm for 70mm and above. The stock Raider 150 carburetor is 26mm.

4. Quick response is needed so you can change your clutch springs with a Kitti brand, there are 5 springs to be changed

5. A Porting job helps, but don't make it to big or else you slow down the air speed with negative effect.

6. Change your rear sprocket to 45T if you are drag racing, but recommend for long long distance driving is 41T, the stock gear is 43T.

7. Daytona quick throttle is good for this will be the only solution once you changed your carb to OKO.

8. Change you spark plug to iridium type because this sparks a lot causing more combustion when more fuel is ignited.

9. CDI tuning helps a lot since the stock CDI limits the speed only up to 160km/h (easy to do test is park your bike on the center stand, shift up to the 6th gear and make the fullest rev)
Imax is good because you can reprogram the rpm limit, up to 20000 rpm.
Kitti brand is also ok even if you don't have to reprogram it.

CC Calculation for Raider 150 when bored out:

70 mm is
V = 2*pi*2.436*(70/20)^2 = 187.5 cc

60 mm is
V = 2*pi*2.436*(66/20)^2 = 166.7 cc

(Stock is 62mm)
V = 2*pi*2.436*(62/20)^2 = 147.1 cc

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